to feel great


to enjoy life


to look great


to eat in abundance


to be healthy

For Health

Many illnesses can be easily prevented, reversed, and cured by changing peoples' internal environment with food meant for us all...

For Animals

In following outdated traditions, many of us greatly underestimate the intelligence, will, and right to live of members of other species...

For Humans

World hunger can be solved if we stop feeding plants to animals for slaughter and, instead, feed starving people what they deserve...

For Earth

Climate change is inevitable but C02 and cattle methane emissions are rapidly decreasing the earth's ability to sustain life...

Raw Mess Big Island

What more can I say about the ocean… this breathtaking World?  How much closer can I get to perfection? The waves smashing against the rocks, the clouds painted in the sky, the palms growing out of ash… to know we are all a part of this is astounding. What a privilege it is for us […]


So, there’s this funny thing that happens when you go vegan;  everyone wants to know where you get your protein. My first response is every single plant on earth contains it. My second is, I’m going straight to the source. Why get hand-me-down protein that comes with a side of cholesterol and cortisol?   Kwashiorkor […]

the Flower Gods

Think you can pull off the flower god look?  Not only do flowers make beautiful head decorations (Snapchat, anyone?) but they have many health and other benefits, as well.  From essential oils to tasty garnishes, here are some of the many reasons to love flowers. Their Smell Can Soothe This is, perhaps, a relative statement and […]

Global Climate March thumbnail

Today was the Global Climate March, happening all across the planet. “On November 30th, world leaders meet in Paris to start negotiating the next global climate deal. That’s why, the day before, people around the world will take to the streets and push leaders at every level of government to commit to 100% clean energy. […]

the Peace Cafe thumbnail

Here in Honolulu there are only a few strictly vegan places to eat so I typically either find the healthiest vegan option at another place or make my own food.  On occasion, I will treat myself to either food at Down to Earth or Peace Cafe.  I’ve only been here a few times but really like […]

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